How to Join

Joining Toastmasters is easy and affordable. When you鸿运彩票下载网址 become a member, you鸿运彩票下载网址’ll have the support of you鸿运彩票下载网址r club, district and the global organization as you鸿运彩票下载网址 work toward you鸿运彩票下载网址r goals.

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How to Start a New Club

Want to start a Toastmasters club? The process is simple and all the materials you鸿运彩票下载网址 need are provided here. You can start a club at you鸿运彩票下载网址r organization or in you鸿运彩票下载网址r local community.

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Helpful Resources

A Toastmaster's Journey

I wasn't born a leader. I found a community of learners and the path to leadership . . .

Facts for First Timers

Find helpful tips and answers to common questions about visiting a club.

Club Experience Video

Watch this video to experience a club meeting in action.

Education Projects for Members

Learn about the proven curriculum that develops communication and leadership skills one step at a time.

Community Based Programs

Discover programs designed to develop communication and leadership skills for you鸿运彩票下载网址th and non-members.

Club Meeting Roles for Members

Learn about the various meeting roles you鸿运彩票下载网址 can take on during club meetings.

Welcome鸿运彩票下载网址 New Members

The International President extends her welcome to new members.

Ice Breaker Project

Learn about the Ice Breaker, the first project you鸿运彩票下载网址’ll complete as a new member.

Member Testimonials

Dedicated members from around the world share their personal experience.

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Tips for Success

Enjoy helpful resources that will aid you鸿运彩票下载网址 in improving you鸿运彩票下载网址r communication and help you鸿运彩票下载网址 build leadership skills.

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And the Winner is…

Reward you鸿运彩票下载网址r speech contest winners! Use code VICTOR to receive 10% off customizable Victor awards. Offer valid February 1-29, 2020. Not valid with any other offer.

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