Congratulations for taking the first step on you鸿运彩票下载网址r journey to personal and professional growth. In the video above, International President, Deepak Menon, DTM, tells you鸿运彩票下载网址 how to make the most of you鸿运彩票下载网址r Toastmasters learning experience.

Explore Your Possibilities with Pathways

The foundation of the Toastmasters experience is the education program, called “Pathways,” which is critical to you鸿运彩票下载网址r growth. It compliments you鸿运彩票下载网址r club experience by giving you鸿运彩票下载网址 access to engaging learning tools, including videos, interactive quizzes and activities, feedback and recognition, useful tips and more. Pathways, available online or in print, lets you鸿运彩票下载网址 choose where and how you鸿运彩票下载网址 want to learn.

Benefits of Pathways:

  • Opportunity to develop many skills relevant to an evolving global marketplace
  • Frequent recognition of educational achievements
  • Online access to educational materials
  • Engaging videos that model the skills you鸿运彩票下载网址 are learning


5 Quick Tips to get Started:

  1. Log in to www./login to ensure that you鸿运彩票下载网址r username and password are correct.
  2. Enroll in Pathways—the Toastmasters education program.
  3. Review The Navigator—you鸿运彩票下载网址r guide to Toastmasters.*
  4. Sample you鸿运彩票下载网址r first project, the Ice Breaker.
  5. Ask you鸿运彩票下载网址r vice president education to pair you鸿运彩票下载网址 with a mentor, to help you鸿运彩票下载网址 along the way.

*If you鸿运彩票下载网址 enroll in Pathways online, you鸿运彩票下载网址 can get The Navigator today!

Helpful Resources

A Toastmaster Wears
Many Hats

Your guide to club meeting roles.
Video library
View public speaking tips and more helpful videos.
Effective Evaluation
Get the knowledge, motivation and skills you鸿运彩票下载网址 need to become a more effective evaluator.
Gestures: Your Body Speaks
Use this manual for insight, advice and guidance on the use of body language.

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Tips for Success

Enjoy helpful resources that will aid you鸿运彩票下载网址 in improving you鸿运彩票下载网址r communication and help you鸿运彩票下载网址 build leadership skills.

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Reward you鸿运彩票下载网址r speech contest winners! Use code VICTOR to receive 10% off customizable Victor awards. Offer valid February 1-29, 2020. Not valid with any other offer.

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